In February of 2007, Captain John Bennett and the crew of the long-liner , San Aspiring, hauled up a 4.2 m, 495kg Colossal Squid instead of their usual catch of toothfish in the icy cold Ross Sea.  This specimen will shortly take pride of place in Te Papa.

Now, journey along with John as he and his crew head back down south in the Antarctic Chieftain for the next fishing season.  John will give an insight into this exciting (and cold!) world of Antarctic fishing with regular updates. Learn about the boat, the crew and the fish thousands of miles south of New Zealand in the iceberg ridden Ross Sea. Read about the Antarctic Chieftain’s journey and see photos of the crew at work.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Keith Ingram Says:

    To John and and all the crew on the Antarctic Chieftain, the very best for Christmas at the other end of the world to you all. You are in the Worlds last frontier a very special and unique place. I have watched with interest your latest preparations for seabird mitigation and admire your professional efforts to ensure that your impact in the Antarctic waters remains minimal. My last visit to Scott base was the summer of 1970 as part of Task Force 43 and I well remember the changeable weather from the fifties to the sixties as the ship moved steadily south with no where to go apart from seeking solace in ones bunk when apart from watch keepers the ship was closed down for rough seas.
    While there is work to be done, enjoy the opportunity to be a part of the Antarctic and the life of the southern Ocean for there are many who will never get to experience life as far south as you will be venturing.
    This aside it is also a time away from families and friends so our thoughts and best wishes are with you all and we look forward to hearing and reading of your latest exploits.
    Best wishes, safe seas and good fishing.

    Keith Ingram
    Professional Skipper Magazine

  2. brian coe Says:


  3. Maram Says:

    My 6 year old boy is fascinated by colossal squid and he watched a video interview with you, John Bennet. He would love to speak with you. He would be so excited, please email us if you’d like to chat with him. 🙂

  4. olive Says:

    Dear John, I am working on a documentary about Sperm Whales and would love to include some photos of your giant squid. Please let me know if you are happy to license them. Many Thanks, Olive olive.king@blinkfilmsuk.com

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