24th December 2009

Fishing on the northern hills has been great for the first 3 weeks of the trip….. Too busy for bloging even. Yesterday we had notification from CCAMLR advising the closure of area B,C,G. These are the 3 areas that cover the northern portion of Ross Sea fishery. At midnight all lines had to be out of the water and fishing must cease in these areas until next season.
Now its time to head south through the ice bridge. After a slow start the ice is melting very fast now with huge open leads allowing easy access to the south and into the Ross Sea, I expect it should only take us 36 to 48hrs to weave our way through the ice.

Great timing for a break while we steam south, its Christmas eve and the boys have all pitched in, with much guidance from Hamish, to put the Hangi down with wild pork, kumara, pumpkin, stuffing and all the trimmings, its a cracker !

Tomorrow’s big feast will be just as good, I will report again then.

from left: Shooter, Ronan, Hamish, Blain with cap ( alias Full Boar, who caught and killed the wild pork), Jamie and Brady checking out the Hangi steaming away on the Tuna deck, just aft of the galley back entrance.

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