15th December 2009

Another challenging moment (there have been a few during the last 8 days). This time a large ice floe had drifted across our floats and was threatening to drag them out of position and probably causing another tangle.

Some slick maneuvering with the bow thruster by yours truly and Sandy on the frwd deck with the throwing grapnel we managed to pull the floats clear and haul the line.

Fishing has been very good lately, better than last season, and probably one of the best starts we’ve had for the Ross Sea Toothfish season strengthening the knowledge that this is a sustainable fishery.

As predicted for this time of year the ice is thawing quite fast now and we anticipate heading south through the maze of leads and rotting ice floes to gain access into the Ross Sea within the next 2 weeks. It’s usually around Christmas day we start heading south and this season appears much the same as others with the massive ice thawing process.

Rgds: John B.

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4 Responses to “15th December 2009”

  1. Jill Stevenson Says:

    Hi Guys
    A big hello to Adam (Alias Shooter ….although I’m sure I never called him that at birth LOL)
    Kylee Roshean & Isaiah and Lynda all here on New Years having a couple (like ya do) and thinking of you all down there in the ice.
    Wishing you all a very happy and safe new year.
    Take care
    Adam’s mum 🙂

  2. Raywyn & Natasha Says:

    Happy New Year Richie,hope all is going well,take care & hear from you soon.
    Happy New Year everyone 🙂
    Raywyn & Natasha

  3. Cath & Steve Tohill Says:

    Happy New Year Ricky, we are all thinking of you hope all is going well.
    Was great to hear your voice on Christmas Day.
    Have just found this blog very excited hope to hear from you soon, take care.
    Happy New Year To You All
    Love mum and dad xxx

  4. Kiwi web designer Says:

    I hope you guys get well paid! That looks damn cold!

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