30th November 2009

Tomorrow the season officially opens, we have spent the last 2 days searching the fishing grounds for the best spot to start and we reckon we’ve found it.

It’s around 65s, there isn’t too much ice about and the ice that is here is melting fast.

This morning, for the first time since we left Timaru, the sun has come out in full force.

And, when Hamish decides it’s a good looking day for a BBQ, it’s all on. In his book, there is no point coming all this way to the edge of the world on a 3 month boat trip unless we can kick back a little when the sun comes out (even though it is -3 degrees), I happen to agree with him there.

The boys around the Barby, smoke and all.

Check out the grill, I think it’s a piece of deck plate from the factory !

You don’t need to be mad…but it sure helps.

Rgds: John B.

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