27th November

We had 2 rolly days while steaming south, W-NW 35-40kts with rough sea. Thankfully the weather was mainly on our stbd beam and didn’t slow our speed too much.
We entered CCAMLR at 60 00s 172 30e, from there we enjoyed a slight S-SE breeze with calm conditions. Sea temp 2, Air temp -3.

Now that we’re through the worst weather between 45s and 60s it’s a good chance to get the fishing gear ready on deck before the temp really starts dropping.

In the photo the boys are rigging the ice fender, it’s used to keep ice away from our line while were hauling. The ice maps are looking quite good this year and I expect the northern quota will be taken sooner than last season. After that we follow the maze of leads and tracks that will eventually give us access to the Ross Sea.

For now we search about the fishing spots to find the best area to start. The trick is, to find somewhere with good fishing and the least ice. Even though we can fish through scattered floes of broken ice, doing so slows us up considerably. It’s much better to be in clear water working more lines if we can.

From bottom left: Richard, Sandy, Sam, Ronan, Dwane, Blain. Top left: Brady and Jamie.

Rgds: John B.

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