6th September 2009

Going around Cape Horn is a milestone in any seaman’s life. For many of this crew it’s their first time while some of us have made the passing several times. This time we all assembled in the wheelhouse for another family photo followed by a shot of Navy Rum that some friends from Port Stanley had given us just for the occasion.

The weather was reasonable for the Cape with 25-30kts westerly and a strong westerly set at about 1.5kts reducing our speed to 7.4kts for the day’s run around the Horn.

From here we have around 4,500 mile to steam before we reach Timaru. We will take the rum line, steaming straight west. The shorter, great circle route, would take us too far south into the ice, that is not a good option on a south-westerly course into the prevailing weather.

This will be our last Blog for the next 20 days as not much happens between now and then.

Horn 06-09-09

From Left, Thaio, Aaron, Sue, Ritchie, Chevy, Matt, Francois, Marli, Jamie, Laurie, Shane, Jake, Noel, Jessie, Greg, Juliet, Carl and Sandy(Missing from the photo is Dave the 2nd engineer and me with the camera).

Rgds: John B.


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5 Responses to “6th September 2009”

  1. shooter Says:

    hey guys hope trip home is all good.the flight from santiago to aucklnd was not good couldnt sleep and was getting patted on the head by a crazy brazilian lady whilst i was asleep!!was really weird.good to be back on land kinda feel a bit out of place really,no water outside alwys waking up wondering how much fish is downstairs and feel guilty sitting down doing nothing!!in process of getting my holiday to bathurst booked going to be the goods!!so yeah best of luck John,Sue,Carl Face and all the bandinas look foward to hearing good news!see yas all on docking day.Not long now boys!

  2. secret turnhout Says:

    hey little bro (theo) i cant wait to see you again not long now they cant even spell your name right yet and you have been out there for how many months!!!!! get it right! take care theo we miss you heaps:) love secret

  3. Richard Parata Says:

    One of the best blogs I have read – it has real educational value and will encourage young people to consider fishing as a career. Discovered the site through the roarprawn blog. Going to send the blog to Ngai Tahu HQ and ask them to find ways to publish this blog. Do you have Ngai Tahu crew members?- think you will if it is on the roarprawn blog
    Keep it up

  4. Sharon Says:

    Okay, Gang, Just when my 11 year old son was completely absorbed by your posts, you stopped posting! Boring or not, he wants to read more! It’s a far cry from actually being out on the water like you are, but we are boaters and I was trying to explain what it means to keep his foot out of the “bite of a line.” I googled it and happened across your blog. I work in marine insurance and also became obsessed with reading your blogs.

    I checked back in again today, and we’re still hoping you’ll pick back up soon.

    Please keep it up! … And be safe.

    Just call me Mom.

  5. patricia Osborne Says:

    Hope John will keep the blog going for this summer’s expedition to the Ross Sea.

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