31st August 2009

It’s a 26 hour day today as we turn the clocks back 2 hours to Falkland Island local time. We have been steaming west from South Georgia into a force 8 gale with sleet and snow for the last 3 days and the prospect of laying still alongside the huge floating barges that form the Port Stanley wharf, and a stroll on the beach after 72 days at sea in the Southern Ocean, is much like anticipating a summer holiday or the start of a long vacation.

But it’s not over yet, we still have to unload and reload out catch for the verification process, (That all takes about 3 days) take on fuel and stores and make ready for the long haul home.

A small Patagonian Toothfish.
A small Patagonian Toothfish.

Rgds: John B.


3 Responses to “31st August 2009”

  1. Sharon and John Says:

    The coffee is ordered, the cheese scones are baking, theres a bottle of sav blanc chilling, the cork been popped on a red, I can hear it breathing
    There are shops here waiting for your custom
    Get that boat into top gear.!!!

  2. Raywyn & Natasha Says:

    Hi Richie,Yay finally on your way home soon,we cant wait.
    Hope all goes well and you all have a safe & FAST trip home.See you soon.
    Love Ray & Tasha

  3. Delora Gertsema Says:

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