22nd August 2009

As part of our licensing requirements in the South Georgia & South Sandwich fishery we must undertake to tag and release a percentage of the Toothfish we catch.

This season we have tagged almost 800 fish from both areas. At US$18.00 per kilo that equates to about NZ $75,000 worth of Toothfish we have tagged and returned to the water. It is a high price to pay but necessary for the proper, effective management of a sustainable fishery.

So far this trip we have recaptured and recorded details off 106 previously tagged Toothfish, 14 of those fish were tagged by us during the last 4 seasons we have fished in South Georgia.

Masa measuring TOP


In this photo, Masa has carried this fish from the hauling station to the live fish holding tank where it will calm down for a while before being measured, weighed, tagged and then released.



Sandy tagging

In the second photo, Sandy and Juliet are tagging Toothfish. There are about 6 more fish in the tank waiting to be done. Then we have to choose our moment to put them in the water otherwise the Seals will get them before they’ve gone 10 metres. Sometimes we have to hold them in the tank for hours before letting them go.

Rgds: John B.


2 Responses to “22nd August 2009”

  1. Marion Paterson Says:

    Hi Sandy,
    Great to keep up with what is happening also great to hear not many days of fishing left, then on the way home. I take it that the weather is getting warmer also. Take care Mum and Dad

  2. Lynne and Pete Says:

    Hi Sandy
    Mum passed your blog site on so we could take a look at your smiley face. Looks like things are going well for you. Interesting to see what you have been up to in your extreme environment. We see that you are soon for the big sail home, you will be looking forward to catching up with the family – been a long time!
    Lynne and Pete

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