19th August 2009

It’s only 12 more days until the end of August and the close of the South Georgia Toothfish season. All 10 vessels must have their last lines out of the water before midnight on the 31st August. Then its time to start heading home. The first port of call is Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands where we must unload, weigh then reload our entire catch before bringing it home.

This has to be done to satisfy the MSC requirements so our fish can be sold to international markets. It’s an interesting time with all vessels heading for port at the same time and everyone needs to get their catch unloaded and verified by the South Georgia fisheries then reloaded as soon as possible so we can finally be on our way home after 5 months of fishing. Some of our crew will fly home but many of us will stay on and bring the ship home to NZ, that takes about another month!

Masa and Jamie in the hauling room, thinking about that nice warm fire and cold beer at the local Stanley Pub.

Masa and Jamie in the hauling room, thinking about that nice warm fire and cold beer at the local Stanley Pub.

Rgds: John B.


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2 Responses to “19th August 2009”

  1. Jill Stevenson Says:

    Wooooohoooooo!!! Our boys are coming home!!! Cranking up the BBQ and filling the booze fridge as we speak for the WELCOME HOME HOOLLIE!!! We’re all counting down the sleeps……. applying for annual leave to sleep off the hangovers…..stay safe out there people….. warm comfy beds, good food and drinkies and excited family are just on the horizon….
    Dave & Jill Stevenson 🙂

  2. Raywyn & Natasha Says:

    Hi Richie I just finished training for the gym festival. And guess what my team won first place.:) That was fun but whats going to be more fun is that im going ice skating tomorrow. It was also Gus’s Birthday today. He did not get any presents only a chocolate biscuit and lots of cuddles. He also got a smacked bum for pulling the washing off the line and getting coal out of the bucket 😦 miss you and love you lots and lots
    natasha 🙂

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