9th August 2009

Hi there Jack, Lilee and the crew from 1JG, its great to hear from you all.

It is true the sun does not set during the summer months in Antarctica while we are fishing in the Ross Sea. But over here in South Georgia, during the middle of winter, we have about 15hrs of darkness every day and only 9 hours of daylight. I think you should ask Miss Juanita to explain how the change from summer to winter goes from 24 hours of daylight to 24 hours of darkness in Antarctic winter.

Sandy driving

The photo is of me driving the ship as we haul a line. It usually takes 7 hours to haul one line that is 13 kilometers long with about 10,000 hooks.

You can see the clickers for counting the fish alongside the main engine and bow thruster controls. The radar, chart plotter, echo sounder, line controller, 3 radios and CCTV controls are all in easy reach of the driving seat.

Keep up the good work with the homework Jack, it won’t be too long and I’ll home to help you with it.  Love Dad.

Rgds: Sandy P.


7 Responses to “9th August 2009”

  1. Special Ed Says:

    Hello San Aspiring! We like looking at your blog. We would like to request a new post featuring Ms. MacGibbon our teacher here at
    Waimea College. Ms. Mac, we miss you and we hope you are enjoying your ocean adventure. Love, Ari, Ben J, Mr. Black, James H, & Mr. Gould. OK, bye from New Zealand!

  2. Marion Paterson Says:

    Hi Sandy, Alex and Jack have done better than me at this.Alex was quick off the mark as I only sent today that he could leave a message for you.
    Photo is really great and you are looking great as well.Take care and hope to see you sometime soon.Love Mum and Dadxxxxx

  3. ondy Says:

    Hi Sandy man
    Hows things going?? We are doing great, cool photo uncle sandy man =]
    Brayden is in the under 65kg rugby team to play in winter tournament, Mum thinks he is to small for the team haha but he is the best in the team sorry to say haha. Im scaring mum to death with my diving 😀 Im actually really good. Mum has finally quit smoking YAY!!

    Love you lots Chelsea, Brayden and Ondy

  4. Kerry and Deirdre Says:

    Hey Sandy how ya going. all is well on this side of the ditch, we see Alex all the time and he is great. i teach his little brother at Kindy Nico who thinks the sun shines out of Alex he sure loves his big bro, which show how awsome Alex is. this website is great we are able to see ya as it has been too long. all our kids are great, schools going well for them all our little Trey just enjoys kindy. Awsome photo See ya lots of love
    Deirdre Kerry and kids

  5. Jamie Rea Says:

    Hi Sandy
    Love all the pictures of you and the crew. Looks like you’re all having a great adventure out there in the wild seas. Great site for catching up with how the family is going. We’re all doing well and looking forward to summer. Hope we get a chance to catch up with you all sometime this year. Crazy how time is flying by. Had a real shock at how everyone had got sooooo much older at your dads birthday. Take care and be safe.


  6. Karissa Paterson Says:

    Hey Dad, Its good to see pictures of you working hope all is well and your enjoying your time out at sea, probably wanting to just head home though i guess.
    love you lots karissa xoxoxox

  7. Irene Crosswell Says:

    Hey Sandy,

    It sure looks cold on that boat – I don’t know how you do it (my joints would freeze up permanently I think). Great photo too. Our kids are doing well, Charlie at kindy now and Emily has started walking. We are gearing up to move to Auckland soon – just have to find (or build) a house up there.
    Take care,

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