25th July 2009

It can be pretty boring at sea, especially during a 3 month voyage. But South Georgia is different in so many ways. Whales, Seals, Penguins, Orca sea birds and Icebergs are all common in these parts. The Icebergs do come and go depending on the southern ocean currents and weather patterns. We don’t see as many this season, but last season, there were hundreds scattered about the fishing grounds. We never seem to get tired of photo opportunities with an Iceberg in the background. This is a rare shot, not only because of the technicolor Jade-Berg in the background, but look who is leading the paparazzi..

Francois with Jade bergIts Mr P (oops) Francois him self..

These Bergs are fascinating, and usually, if we see one in the distance, we will ease over and take a closer look. (Please don’t tell the boss, he thinks we never stop working J) The few we have seen before were totally green.. or Jade, but this one was regular on one side and Jade on the other.
When you get close, these Bergs appear more like glass, you can see right into them.

We don’t worry about the big Bergs, they are easy to see and track on the radar. It’s the growlers and Bergy bits we have to watch for. As the Icebergs drift onto warmer water they break up and become real dangers to navigation like the one in photo #2, if we ran into this at night we would certainly do some damage to the hull or worse.


For safety at night when growlers are about we use huge stadium lights to help spot them when we’re steaming between fishing lines.

Rgds: John B.


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  1. jazz Says:

    Nice photo Francois đŸ™‚

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