20th July 2009

Adam (aka Sharp shooter) in the hauling room with an XXXL Patagonian Toothfish,  (Dissostichus eleginoides if you happen to speak Latin).

Adam (aka Sharp shooter) in the hauling room with an XXXL Patagonian Toothfish, (Dissostichus eleginoides if you happen to speak Latin).

Some of these fish grow to 150kg and bigger, this 85kg Toothfish was caught in 1,800m deep water where most of the big fish live.

In shallower water, between 800 and 1,000m, the average size fish is 7 to 9kg. We are not permitted to set lines or catch fish in water shallower than 500m within the South Georgia, South Sandwich fisheries management zone.

The main Toothfish spawning grounds are to the North West of South Georgia, around the shag rocks area between 200 and 400m.

Once Shooter has cut its throat, the fish is placed on a conveyor to the bleeding tank. From there it will be moved into the factory for processing, then weighed, labeled, packaged and into the blast freezers, usually within 2 hours of being caught.

The water temp ranges between -0.8 and +0.8 for most of the winter season so our product quality is as good as it gets.

Adam says Hi to his family back in NZ.. He’s a hard worker and always ready with his camera when something interesting is going down. (Unless he’s right in the middle of the action that is).

Rgds: John B.

PS: I did have a nice (proper photo) of Francois, but it seems to have gone missing from the photo files. Something fishy happening here.


2 Responses to “20th July 2009”

  1. Jill Stevenson Says:

    That Shooter (alias Adam) is still a real looker I see…….like his mother round the eyes ……..and his father round the thighs LOL Thats one HUGE fish like nothing we’ve ever seen before……….fantastic photo’s and stories on here, so appreciate the effort you put into this blog John. Stay safe out there people!!

  2. Helen Thomson Says:

    Hi Captain John B

    Its Helen Thomson Adams Aunt
    What a big fish amazed Adam can lift it.
    Tell Adam Clarry caught a huge snapper 26lb(well huge for us baby to you guys) he caught it on his surfcaster on Marine Parade NAPIER he caught it on 10lb line took half an hour to bring in.
    Thank-you for the pictures and Blogs interesting.
    Safe sailing.


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