13th July 2009

It’s family photo time…..the weather is good and everyone was up for the 16:00hrs shift change. We are all assembled on the port frwd deck. Sam, our British observer, took the photo from the bridge looking forward. Unfortunately, Francois, our factory manager / office person, was still in his bunk. He keeps irregular hours and wasn’t due on deck for another 3…. we didn’t want to wake him. (besides that, he has just had a #1 hair cut and is a little camera shy right now….I’ll catch him when he’s not looking, you can judge how it looks. 😉

Crew photo SGSSI20092

From Port to Starboard, Chevy, Noel (cook), Juliet, Greg (chief engineer), Aaron, Masa, Adam, Ritchie (leading hand), Lassy, Jacob, Matt, Laurie, Jamie, Theo.

Front row main deck, Me, Sue, Face (2nd Mate ½ up ladder), Carl (1st Mate), Grant (Leading hand), Sandy (Leading hand), Dave (2nd engineer).

:Note the 2 large orange bins for rubbish that can’t be burnt in the incinerator.


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3 Responses to “13th July 2009”

  1. Jill Stevenson Says:

    Hi Captain John……awesome to have the ‘family’ photo on there! Tell that Francois the hair cut is HOT HOT HOT!! Talk about Brad Pitt lookalike! LOL Take care out there…..Jill

  2. Helen Thomson Says:

    Hi Captain John
    This is Adam Stevenson’s aunty Helen Thank-you for the pictures it great to see Adam. looks like you all work in challangeing conditions at times.
    Give Adam my regards.
    Take care
    Helen Thomson

  3. Graeme & Anna Says:

    G’day Capt. John
    Great photo’s and text – very interesting
    Going by the group photo I’d say you have a very contented crew and no wonder, with that tucker you feed em
    Here are we complaining about the winter cold, 5C – 25C on the Tropic of Capricorn 1/2 way between Rockhampton & Longreach in Queensland Australia
    Could please say g’day to Sandy for us
    Good fishing and stay safe
    Anna & Graeme

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