7th July 2009

The photo shows Jacob and Adam working on the line deck. This area, at the stern of the ship, is where the down lines, grapnels and floats are stowed. Here they are hauling down line with about 1,500m to go.

Jacob Adam

Each of the blue drums holds 500m of 16mm rope. Usually each line will have 1,700m between the floats and the grapnels (anchors that hold the line on the sea floor). Each long line has two ends. On an average day we haul and set 3 lines.

Every day around 25,000m of rope, or 50 of those blue drums, is hauled and set from the line deck.

Setting the lines over the stern is a skilled job that must be done properly. Floats, rope, grapnels and chains must be connected in the right way at the right time. If its not, we can lose many hours hauling lines back aboard to start the set again.

Rgds: John B.


2 Responses to “7th July 2009”

  1. Jill Stevenson Says:

    Hi John B, Big thanks for the photo of Adam, you made my day! Our family is spread from Cape Reinga to Bluff and your blog is a fantastic way for us to follow Adam’s whereabouts and whats happening on board the San Aspiring. We’re all addicted! Thanks…..Jill

  2. Nana & Grandad Stevenson Says:

    Hi John B Real nice to see Adam on the boat.
    We are Adams grandparents and enjoying your site, very interesting for us to watch, looking forward to seeing more pictures of Adam hard at work.
    And thank-you so much for your news filled blogs.
    Say hi to Adam from Nan and Grandad
    Kind regards
    B.J and Nell

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