29th June 2009

We are now 7 days into this trip and everyone has settled onto their respective shifts. The Skipper, 1st Mate, 2nd Mate, Factory manager, Chief and 2nd engineer all do 12 hour shifts. The Cook is on flexible hours that suit meal times:
Breakfast:           07:00 to 08:00hrs.
Smoko:                Noon.
Dinner:                13:00 to 16:00hrs.
Late meal:          23:00 to 24:00hrs. (All meals coincide with 8 hour shift changers).

The remaining crew are split into two shifts that do 8hrs on, 8hrs off, 24……7

Changing shift

The photo shows (from left) Laurie, Theo, Jamie and Ritchie (leading hand), coming off shift at 08:00hrs after going on deck at midnight. Now they will have breakfast and then do their allocated cleaning duties throughout the accommodation deck, cleaning floors, changing rooms, toilet blocks and mess room. After that their time is their own before starting again at 16:00hrs that afternoon and working until midnight. Usually crew will get more sleep during one shift off than the other.

Rgds: John B.


One Response to “29th June 2009”

  1. Raywyn & Natasha Says:

    Hey there,great to see all the blogs and piks and keep up to date with everything.Richie ,Tash thought it was great to see you in the pik but a bit concerned that you were wearing one of your good jackets!!She thinks you now have another 15 mins of fame because you are now on the internet as well as on film at Te Papa!!!Everyone here is fine (including the dog now weighing in at 43 kg and taking me for walks instead of the other way around) looking forward to hearing more from you all,keep safe.

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