22nd June 2009

We’re back aboard the FV San Aspiring now and heading for the Toothfish grounds around South Georgia in the Southern Ocean. Sue (my wife), has joined us for her 3rd season in the South Georgia fishery. It’s good to catch up with our regular crew after my 7 month refit and maiden voyage aboard the Antarctic Chieftain.

At the end of the Antarctic season Sue and I had a great break at home with family and friends, in early April we became grandparents for the first time, Bella is now 11 weeks old and growing fast. We imagine she will be crawling by the time we get home.

We met the 16 man relief crew at Auckland airport on the 18th June for the 12hr flight to Santiago (Chile) where we spent 2 nights before catching the next flight to Punta Arenas then on to the Falkland Isl on 20th, (there is only one flight a week to the Island.)

San Aspiring alongside the floating wharf in Port Stanley, Falkland Island

San Aspiring alongside the floating wharf in Port Stanley, Falkland Island

San Aspiring started the South Georgia season back in February when the crew sailed her from Timaru to Port Stanley in the Falklands then on to South Georgia for licensing before the start of the fishing season. Most of that crew are now heading home after 3 ½ months fishing while our team take over to finish catching our remaining quota then bring the ship home, sometime in September / October, depending on fishing results.

Rgds: John B.


2 Responses to “22nd June 2009”

  1. Jill Stevenson Says:

    Hi Guys!! Absolutely awesome to see all these photo’s – what a fantastic trip to be on. I can see why Adam raves about the place when he comes home!! His family have all thoroughly enjoyed seeing this site – will continue to log in and keep watch for updates. Wishing you all a safe and successful trip aboard the San Aspiring!!
    Jill (Alias Adam’s Mum) Stevenson

  2. Jan Jennings Says:

    Hi everyone! Great to see the awesome photos and read about all that is going on. Very interesting. Tell Dave his family are thinking of him and sorry I can’t make the e-mail work. Will log in again so I can keep up with your progress. Take care
    Jan (Dave’s Mum) Jennings

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