2nd February 2009

Unfortunately, we’ve experienced some problems with our communications link – this means that we need to keep our comms to a minimum.  When we do have comms working, we’ll need to limit it to the critical data we have to send on behalf of the other vessel we have down here.  This is the nature of working at extreme distances.

We’ll be heading back to New Zealand soon, the trip is drawing to a close and once we’re able, we’ll be blogging again.

rgds, John B


6 Responses to “2nd February 2009”

  1. Chris Sheehan Says:

    Heh Guys

    Not long to go which is great and the US$ is still looking pretty good which is even better….Nick can you send us an e-mail and let me know what you want to do regarding selling that Tica Reel…I’ve just had it fixed and it only cost freight of $20….. be good to catch up with your news as well….take care guys and see you in a few weeks I guess…

  2. Lizzie Macrae Says:

    Kia Ora I only just got the info bout this site really excited to see you guys! Kahu-email me at some stage please! Yous look like your doing some mean mahi and having a great time too! Neway just a short one… … ka mihi nui ki a koutou i te tau hau, – whaia nga ika nui kei tuohu koe me he ngaru teitei! 🙂 … …
    Maa te waa

  3. Linda Shaw Says:

    Hi Guys

    Shame your communications is limited now. Well done to everyone for the great work in to John for keeping the blog alive. It really has been great to just view the photos, the comments from other friends and families.

    Hi Adam look forward to seeing you.


  4. Mike Says:

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  5. fred Says:


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  6. Kleat Says:

    kia ora people

    just ran across this site while surfing, i work for sealord in one of the marketing offices in spain we dont sell any tooth fish (yet) but really enjoyed reading the blog and seeing your guys work, i’d love to do a trip one day

    Anyway, good fishing and safe travels

    Kleat Nepe

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