30th January 2009

Yesterday we set 3 lines on an isolated hill that we haven’t fished before. The first line is up and the results look encouraging. It’s good to be away from that sea ice and in open clear water for a change. Hopefully we can keep fishing for another 2 or 3 weeks before this area is also closed, then we can head for home.

Mike, the cook, reports the ships stores are holding up well. We have a reasonable stock of apples and oranges that still taste good but the remaining fruit is well past its best.

We finished the fresh vegetables about 2 weeks ago so its all frozen veg from here on. No problem though, it is good quality Talley’s frozen products and plenty of it. We are keeping an eye on the long life milk supply, we ma run low there (heaps of coffee though) and we’re almost out of cheese otherwise we’re in good shape in the stores department and meal time is, by far, the highlight of our day.

The evenings are starting to dim now with the sun dipping below the southern horizon. In another week we’ll need the light on over the chart table at midnight to see properly. From then on conditions will get colder and darker at night very quickly.  

Every ship has a mascot, we have 2.  Monkey and Mr Gudni Olifsson.

Every ship has a mascot, we have 2. Monkey and Mr Gudni Olifsson. Both are better looking than most of my crew I reckon.

Rgds: John B.



2 Responses to “30th January 2009”

  1. Dane Scott Says:

    Josh bra hows it? johns right that mascot Mr Gudni is better looking than you, hope all is well bra and you’ve taking loads of pics. still jealous as you down there. there has been no surf at all in the mount. when tow in surfing the other day at matakana was gravy! hanging out for u to get back bra. will check u later. keep safe man, peace out & fish on.

  2. A HARVEY Says:

    Love the monkey mascot someone was really lucky getting that for Christmas does it resemble its owner?
    Always enjoy hearing what is going on down there in the Ross Sea thank you John and seeing the photo’s is a added bonus.
    Looking forward to seeing you home soon Grover.
    Keep up the good work everyone take care.
    Grovers Mum.

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