27th January 2009

Now that the Ross Sea fishing grounds are closed its time to head for the next fishing spot. We have decided to go north-east to an area called the Amundsen Ridges. Last season the fishing was good in that area and on one line several fish came up in tatters when they had been attacked by colossal squids. Maybe we’ll catch another one this season. If so, we intend spending more time with the camera getting as many good live images as we can before letting it go.

In the meantime, our crew finally get a chance to sleep in or just chill out for a day or so before we get there. We have already been steaming for two days; if the grounds we’re heading for are ice-free we should be fishing again tomorrow.

This morning we had 56 icebergs on the 12nm range of our radar, so there is plenty to look at on the way.

Steve the factory manager on watch

Steve the factory manager on watch

Steaming past another iceberg

Steaming past another iceberg

Karl making the coffee

Karl making the coffee

Rgds: John B.


3 Responses to “27th January 2009”

  1. Lucy Says:

    Thanks for all the blog posts John, they are well written and a joy to read – I look forward to my weekly updates from the Ross Sea – keep it up 🙂

  2. Robbie Kilpatrick Says:

    Hi John, Tangi
    My name is Robbie Kilpatrick, I work at the Australian Antarctic Division. Last year I spent a few months testing some camera gear on board the Janas with Tangi and his crew. I have a few questions reguarding the new setting chute you guy’s are now using. Is there a ship’s email address I could possibly contact you on regarding this? My email address is Robbie.kilpatrick@aad.gov.au.

  3. Evelyn Probert Says:

    Hi Crew- good to hear you’ve been catching fish & all the best at the Amundsen Ridges! The photos & info has been great- I hope you don’t mind the marine bio students at Mt Maunganui College are also following your progress. Josh must be really busy on the computer games so John can you tell me what your ETA is for getting back in NZ?
    PS. Queensland was very hot with 100% humidity so the icebergs look really good to me right now.
    Cheers Evelyn (Josh’s Mum).

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