6th January 2009

The best fishing spots are always the hardest to get at. And I’ve found that to be true more often than not.  Even though we are in open ice free water inside the Ross Sea Polynya there are still small floes and tidal drifts that cause problems when we’re hauling and setting our lines. To combat the problem when hauling we use an ice fender,( another piece of Kiwi ingenuity). This thing hangs over the side of the ship to protect our fishing line from all the small troublesome bits of ice that float by, these bit of ice would either knock our fish off of break our lines if we didn’t have the fender.

Pete grinding to prep the welding job

Pete grinding to prep the welding job

Yesterday the aft brace securing lug for the ice fender had to be re-welded to the hull after it fell off!  So, it was over the side for our, “Never back down from a challenge” chief engineer Pete. The water temp is -1.5 degrees. Pete is wearing special thermal clothing under his overalls, but without the thermals he would last about 10 minutes in that water. He has a safety harness connected to a very strong safety line. Be assured, we watch everything he does very closely and the team are ready to haul him aboard in a moment if anything goes wrong.

After an hour of grinding and welding we’re back in action, but no thanks to the engineering outfit back home that was supposed to have welded that lug on properly while we were on the slip before sailing south.

Rgds: John B.


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One Response to “6th January 2009”

  1. iblogologist Says:

    John, I’ve been following your Captains blog now for a couple of weeks and thoroughly enjoy reading about you and the crew.

    It’s a whole ‘nother world to mine but knowing you guys are out there, facing the daily dangers , under extreme conditions as you do makes me feel eternally grateful for the small comforts that I enjoy.

    Hope you guys had a great New Years, stay safe, good fishing!

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