25th December 2008

On deck with snowman

On deck with snowman

Snow man photo from left to right;
Pete (CCAMLR observer), Shand, Nick, Nolan, Frodo, Aaron, Thio (Boson), Adam (standing behind the snow dood), Steve (Factory manager), Josh (Thinking about his brother on the Gold Coast surfing), Matt, Bull (Not feeling the cold).
Front row: Marli (Mfish observer), Mike (The cook), Pete (Chief engineer), Ren (Boson) 

Day 32 from home. Christmas.

It’s a wintery day south of the Antarctic Circle but celebrations go on. We have stopped looking for leads through the maze of ice into the Ross Sea so we can enjoy some down time. Mike is putting on a great meal for lunch, in the meantime some of the crew have decided to build a snow man on the frwd deck. (Photo attached).

It is difficult getting a photo with everyone around the Christmas tree but all crew were up for the feast at noon.
Almost everyone had presents to open from home but the Chief had the most by far, we reckon he bought most of them himself !
The Iridium phone network is always busy at Christmas time and this season is no different. Some have managed to make calls early but others will have to wait until the congestion eases latter today, reception is usually pretty good but its just not like being there.

Christmas day. Antarctic Chieftain2008

Christmas day. Antarctic Chieftain2008

Anyway, we all understand that this is our lot and we make the best of what we have. In many ways most of us will remember this Christmas more than others for just that reason, even though we’re away from our families we all keep in contact in our own way and I’m sure the boys will rev it up when they eventually get back home.

Merry Christmas to everyone from the crew on Antarctic Chieftain.

Josh checking out the X-box while Nick writes an e-mail home on Christmas day.

Josh checking out the X-box while Nick writes an e-mail home on Christmas day.


Cheers: John B and the team.

ps; Thanks for the Christmas cake mum.


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2 Responses to “25th December 2008”

  1. Keith Ingram Says:

    Hi John and all the crew
    Been a bit slow on the uptake and have now figured out that you are a day behind and on the other side of the date line. So a very Merry Christmas to you all and enjoy the break in routine.

    Regards all
    Skipper mag

  2. Tangi Says:

    Hi Keith
    Thank you very much for your comments & Merry xmas to you.
    We enjoy your mag!

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