23rd December 2008

Yesterday afternoon CCAMLR issued notification to all vessels that areas B,C and G would be closed to all fishing at midnight 22nd December 2008. After that time we must make all efforts to haul our lines from the water and cease fishing in this area. Now all vessels are faced with the same dilemma, how to get access from the northern grounds to the southern grounds in the Ross Sea when there is still 360 mile of slowly melting sea ice between here and there. Indications that we have from satellite images are showing several possible tracks that we could take. But for now we must wait for at least a few days as more information comes in so we can find the safest course through the maze of leads and open water.

At least we will have plenty of down time to enjoy a good Christmas dinner without having to rush away on deck to start our shifts.

One of the most fascinating things to come across in Antarctic waters, are “Jade” ice bergs. I have attached some photos of the only Jade bergs that I have seen in 10 years of fishing these waters. Hopefully we get to see another one this season. Try and Google (Jade icebergs) they are fascinating.

Jade iceberg

Jade iceberg

Jade iceberg 2

Jade iceberg 2

Jade iceberg 3

Jade iceberg 3

Rgds: John B.

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5 Responses to “23rd December 2008”

  1. Joanne Davey Says:

    What a great sight to see I didn’t realise that there were so many different ice bergs. It’s Frodos mum here just wanted to wish everybody on board all the best for Christmas Day especially Christopher (lots of love, hugs and kisses). Hope the weathers kind to you tomorrow 25th and that you all enjoy an excellent christmas dinner. Our thoughts are with you out there.
    Joanne, Graham and Nicole

  2. Evelyn Probert Says:

    Hi Crew
    We have been checking the blog regularly to see how you are all doing. The photos of the ice bergs look amazing. It’s raining today and we are wondering what it’s like to be in 24 hours daylight. We are hoping it fines up tomorrow for Xmas. We will be thinking of you all and what you’re having for Xmas dinner. I hope Josh doesn’t eat all the pavlova like he usually does!!!!
    Josh we haven’t had an email and wondering if you are still there – (cos Santa has left a present for you).
    Merry xmas to you all from Evelyn, Marea, Neville and family.

  3. Paul Fahey Says:

    Hi Crew
    Merry Xmas to everyone from the team at Gourock. Good to read about what is happening down there and see you are doing well.
    Have a good day

  4. Paul & Sandra Andersen Says:

    Hi Crew,
    Christmas greetings to all, especially Matt, who has just called us today, Christmas Day at 3.30pm.
    It is a very hot 24 degrees here in Papamoa, Bay of Plenty.
    We cannot collect any shellfish of any kind in this whole area due to Shellfish poisoning at present.
    Zeny, Henry, Kristy cannot collect Tuatuas as per usual holidays with you.
    We see you guys have been busy making snowmen on deck, looks great.
    Sooty sends her love also, she got a can of shrimps all wrapped up.
    Good to hear all the news.
    Merry Christmas to you all, from Paul, Sandra, Grandma, Bryan, Kirsty, Alan, Henry, Zeny, Kristy, & Sooty.

  5. Tangi Says:

    Thanks everyone!!

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