16th December 2008

It’s snowing again as another cold front passes over. Generally, weather conditions are reasonable at this time of the year once we get south of 65 degrees. Heading southwards from there, many of the low pressure systems are moving in from the west pass well to the north of our position. This gives us more weather from NE and easterly directions and therefore we don’t get hammered by the continual westerly storms that are typical in the southern ocean between 45 and 60 degrees south.

Today the air temp is -2, sea temp -1, visibility 2nm, but only 100m when the snow showers roll over.  Moderate low sea with 5-10kts northerly winds. We can see the ice edge to the south on radar as we track it moving slowly S-SE about 2nm a day. As the ice retreats south it also thaws and becomes easier to pass through.

Just for now we’re doing ok on the fishing front with enough fish to keep the crew busy for much of the day but we are looking forward to getting to the main fishing grounds in the Ross Sea when the ice eventually thaws.

Shand hauling the line

Shand hauling the line

Snowman on the deck of the Antarctic Chieftain

Snowman on the deck of the Antarctic Chieftain

Grover on deck, 15th December

Grover on deck, 15th December

In a couple of weeks about 60,000 square mile of ice will have melted or broken up, giving us access into the Ross Sea down the traditional 180 degree Longitude track. Vessels have been entering the Ross Sea via this route since Sir James Clark Ross discovered the area in 1841 in his ship the Erebus, after which he named Mount Erebus. Mount Terror, right next to it, was named after his support vessel.

Rgds John  B.


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2 Responses to “16th December 2008”

  1. Lisa (Grovers Big Sis) Says:

    Hi there I am Grovers Big Sis, and it is great to be
    able to touch base with everyone there.
    Man it looks cold, and exciting..
    Take care all – Big Hugs Grov

  2. jane Says:

    Love the snowman!

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