14th December 2008

In the last 24hrs we have decided its time to head further south and try for one of our better fishing spots that close to the ice edge. After steaming south for 8hrs we found it, unfortunately the ice edge was 9nm north of where we hoped it might be. It looks like we’ll have to wait another few days before we can get to our good spot. In the mean time the new boys who haven’t seen sea ice before are prancing about like regular paparazzi taking shots of each other with Growlers, Bergs, Bergy bits, Penguins, Seals, Snow Petrels, the 11pm sunset with sunrise at 2am and any number of interesting stuff that people never get to see unless they’re fortunate enough to venture this far south.

Obviously our main concern is safety when in or close to the ice. But to get a good photo you need to be right amongst it. And that’s what we did today as we stopped just inside the ice edge to check what direction the fields were moving. At this time it’s all moving east at about 1 knot. Now we’ve moved back outside the ice edge and will wait to see what happens in the next few hours, or days. Hopefully it will retreat south enough for us to get back to work.

Some of the lads on deck

Some of the lads on deck

In the photo with broken 1st year sea ice and slush ice in the background, from left to right, is: Josh, Adam, Bull, Nick (says hi to his Mum & Dad) Grover, (2nd Mate), Matt and Frodo (now standing on his leg again after dislocating his knee the other day).

Rgds: John B.


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