12th December 08

All hard workers need feeding well and it’s no different aboard the Antarctic Chieftain. Mike is our cook and he’s been doing it for years, preparing three hot meals a day for 22 hungry crew, the first at 04:00hrs, another at noon then dinner at 20:00hrs. Variety is the key after 4 months at sea and Mike is king at that. He prides himself in his ability to create something different every day. From Lamb racks and Beef Wellington to Bacon & Egg Pie, fancy Spaghetti dishes, not to forget the Toothfish. Most chefs would scrub pots for a week to have the chance to experiment as Mike does, with one of the World’s most sought after fish, which is usually destined for top class restaurants.

Mike cooking toothfish - you have to taste it to understand!

Mike cooking toothfish - you have to taste it to understand!

Ordering provisions for the trip is not as straight forward as it may seem, but when the company you work for recognises the need for some luxuries on a long voyage like this, the job is made a little easier.

Some of the quantities Mike has to consider are:

·       300 dozen Eggs
·       200kg Bacon
·       60kg Fillet steak
·       40kg Sirloin steak
·       ½ ton Potatoes
·       120kg Hash browns
·        35 x 500g Coffee
·        1,800 cartons ling life milk

By the end of a long trip, if he’s got it all wrong, and we’re running out of the basics, I’m sure the boys will let him know. That is usually incentive enough to get it right from the start.

Rgds: John B.


14 Responses to “12th December 08”

  1. A HARVEY Says:

    Hi AG writing,Grovers Dad,what a awseme blog you have going,great to have up to date news on what you are doing down there,will be looking forward to every blog as you send them.
    Dawn&AG Harvey

  2. Pamela Says:

    Those pieces of toothfish are huge and look very tasty!

    I sampled toothfish for the very first time at the big sponsor function for the colossal squid at Te Papa on Friday morning so I know how good it is and I’m feeling jealous. I have to say those colossal squid have great taste in fish!

    This is great blog John, and we’re enjoying hearing how you and the crew are getting on.


  3. janekeig Says:

    Hi John
    Thanks for the update! I didn’t manage to try any of the toothfish but our chef raved about working with it. He served it in a chinese spoon(just mouthfuls) on a tamarillo chutney, I was too busy with the media! It’s been great to meet Graeme and to see Sue again too.

  4. Mike the cooks Boyfriend Says:

    Oh its so good to see Mike, i miss you so much honey.Have a great xmas sweet cakes and i shall see you when you get home.Lots of kisses and hugs.Love Jake.

  5. kiwa Ropiha Says:

    Ohh !!
    My Brothers On This Boat !
    Chevyz His Name !
    Awesome Blog ! Show Use Some More Photos !
    ive Your Reading This Chevy , Hii From All Tha Ropihaz ! (= .
    Hope Your Havn Fun In The Cold ….
    Well Have A Gud Trip and ill See You Wen You Get Bak 2 Nelson k ..
    Byeeeee …


  6. Mike the cooks Boyfriend Says:

    Hi guys just popping in to say, hope you guys had a great xmas.Mike i hope you cooked them up some pork, i no how you love abit of pork on xmas.I hope this finds you all well.Safe travels.

    ps.Mike i got you that George Michael cd you wanted, you wil love it.

  7. Faye, Wayne, Leigh & Mark Says:

    Hi Mike,

    Hope things are well…..just checked out your mug shot…not bad for an old fella. Having a quiet New years eve.

    Have a great one & hope to catch up soon.

    Hope you enjoyed the George Michael CD??? (never knew). Your mum’s concerned!

  8. Brooke (Tanias Daughter) Says:

    Hi Uncle Mike its Brooke Tanias daughter,

    Thought id say hello, mum loves the facial hair haha, i put in mums email so you can email if you want to.

    Any who good to talk to you hope you write back.


  9. Brooke Says:

    Hey Uncle,

    Mums email is ratclifffamily@clear.net.nz

    Was good to hear frrom you! sorry about forgetting the email address


  10. Senara (Amanda's Daughter) Says:

    Hey Uncle Mike 🙂
    Nice blog!… George Michael CD?? nice 1 haha
    Amanda says hey

    Would be nice to catch up when u get back

    From Amanda, Neale and Senara

    Oh yea.. heres amandas email..


  11. Mike the cooks Boyfriend Says:

    Hi Mike and Guys, i hope all is well with everyone.I hope this meets you all well, just thought id give Mike an update on 1 of his favourite band singers, who sings tha fab song , “Do you really want to hurt me, do you really want to make me cry” Boy George is in jail.I cant get over it.Silly man.Anyway hope you all are enjoying year 2009.

    Auckland are thinking about another Hero parade, coolies ill keep you updated.

  12. Senara (Amanda's Daughter) Says:

    Hey there how are you?

    Mum would just throught that i might like to know that Amanda Symon’s dad died on feb 3d.
    mum && Neale say hi && hope everthings going well

    x0x missing u 😦
    come home soon lol

  13. Senara (Amanda's Daughter) Says:

    Hey there how are you?

    Mum would just throught that u might like to know that Amanda Symon’s dad died on feb 3d.
    mum && Neale say hi && hope everthings going well

    x0x missing u 😦
    come home soon lol

  14. tash!!! Says:

    hey uncle mike, hope things r al gud. moved to culverden about a month ago. so were about an hour from chch still farming loving it lol well hope your havin fun lol send us a email sometime karl-tash@clear.net.nz c ya xx

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