10th December 2008

It’s been an interesting and challenging couple of days. First we had one of the Korean registered vessels arrive on the grounds and set their first line on top of ours!. The mistake was genuine and eventually we sorted that out between ourselves without too much difficulty. However, the next problem was quite serious. One of our crewman, Christopher (Frodo), badly dislocated his left knee when he twisted and fell while hauling a large Toothfish over the side when working in the hauling room. Initially we suspected he had broken his leg. Getting him from the hauling room to the mess room where we eventually treated him was the first challenge.

In the mean time Tangi (the 1st Mate) made contact with a doctor at Wellington hospital, we sent him a series of photos of Frodo’s leg, from there we decided it was dislocated. Pulling the leg back into shape required a jab of Morphine in the backside, Karl  (the 2nd engineer) holding him down and Tangi manipulating the joint back into place. Apparently this happened but felt very strange for all involved, not to mention Frodo himself.

Frodo, more worried about his Quiksilver jeans than his dislocated knee!

Frodo, more worried about his Quiksilver jeans than his dislocated knee!

He is resting comfortably now and so are we, the thought of taking him home (6 days steaming north) with a broken leg, didn’t appeal at all. All Frodo is worried about now is what to do with his sliced up $230 pair of Quicksilver jeans….Apparently its important to look cool even on deck with overalls and insulated leggings on, in Antarctica.

Rgds: John B.


4 Responses to “10th December 2008”

  1. Lucy Says:

    Hey there,

    These posts are great – keep them coming I enjoy getting a taste of life on the Ross Sea. Hope Frodo’s feeling better – great pic!


  2. Meghann Dee Says:

    Hi John, I’m Marli’s little sister. So cool to see images of where you all are and how its done as Marli does go on about it when on land. Take care of my beautiful sister, hope you see some ice soon. Meghann

  3. Joanne Davey Says:

    Hey there, Christophers mum here. Christopher rang last night 12.12 he sounded so much better than the last couple of phone calls he’s made since he did his knee. He said that they had to drain the fluid from his knee and he’s feeling alot more comfortable which made us all feel heaps better. Thanks for taking such good care of him, it’s such a long way away when your a parent with no real contact wondering if he’s okay, it’s not like you can just pop down the road. Christopher gave us this sight when he rang last night. WOW it’s great, seeing the crew and what happens while you’re fishing. Looking forward to reading it from now on as when Christophers home he says so much about it that sometimes I wish I could see it, but the photos and memories he brings home are almost as good. Thanks and take care. Joanne

  4. Tangi Says:

    Hi Frodos Mum, Thank you for your comments.
    Please rest assured Frodo is doing really well now, I dont know who was more sacred putting his knee cap back in place! Me or him.
    But we got there in the end
    Many thanks.

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