6th December 2008 – 18:00hrs

The day started at 01:30hrs with the sun rising in the SSE, that’s the first sunrise we’ve seen this trip, its been quite bleak and murky until now.

Antarctic sun rise

Antarctic sun rise

Shortly after a huge black cloud rolled over from the NW bringing a regular Antarctic snow storm. It doesn’t rain in these latitudes, its too cold for that, instead we get snow and heaps of it. By 06:00hrs we had 10cm covering the deck. When the sun finally came out again the snow melted fast and we finished up with a beautiful day and a temperature around +3 degrees.

We also came close to our first large ice berg for the trip, we expect to see many thousands of them as we move further south when the sea ice melts a little more.
But for now we’re happy fishing on ice free grounds just North of the ice edge. I expect the sub area we are now in will be closed by about Christmas Day when the fleet quota should be caught. At that time all vessels, us included, will move south another 400 mile to the main fishing grounds.

Rgds: John B.

One Response to “6th December 2008 – 18:00hrs”

  1. KPJ Says:

    Hi there John,

    Tell Frodo to hang in there – I’m sure he can sell his jeans on Trademe.


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