3rd December 2008

We finally arrived at the ice edge and the northern area of our fishing grounds last night at about 22:00hrs, Latitude 64 30south.
We’ve had thick fog for the last 24hrs and can only see about 600m right now so we’re not real sure just how much ice there is, we can see about 30 ice bergs on our radar. For now we’ll stop in this area until the fog clears and hopefully start fishing tomorrow.

Yesterday we had a small Minke Whale swimming along side and around the bow like a Porpoise would. She stayed with us for about ½ an hour, it’s the first time we’ve seen one do that, usually they just swim by. We reckon that’s gota be a good omen.

The water temp is -1 and the air temp +3.

Rgds: John B.


One Response to “3rd December 2008”

  1. Pamela Says:

    Hi John
    Pamela here from Te Papa. Great to see your blog up and running and to know that things are going well. Good luck with the start of the fishing!

    We’re counting down to opening the colossal squid exhibition – just 6 days to go now. Our girl, aka the squid, is in the building and we’re busy but on track.

    All the best to you and the crew
    Pamela from the Squid Team

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