28th November

For the Antarctic Chieftain to operate in Antarctic waters we must comply with a range of stringent CCAMLR regulations. One of the first requirements is that we must demonstrate, to our two official observers onboard, that the Longline we use will sink at a minimum of .2 of a meter per second. This sink rate is determined by experts to be fast enough to sink below the range of foraging sea birds within 30 seconds of leaving the stern of the vessel.
During 10 years of operations in the Ross Sea with two official observers on each voyage we are proud to report that not one sea bird has been killer or injured by any New Zealand registered vessel fishing for Toothfish in Antarctica.
The attached photo was taken yesterday of Marli and Peter on the stern deck observing the bottle test sink method and timing the line sink rate with stop watchers. The results are sent to Mfish who, in turn, provide us with a WOF or Warrant of Fitness, we cannot start fishing without that WOF aboard the ship.

Marli and Peter checking line sink rate

Marli and Peter checking line sink rate

The water and air temp will drop around 2 degrees every day now until we reach the ice edge. Then we expect -1 water and -3 air temps on the fishing grounds.

We will exit NZ waters tonight and enter CCAMLR waters at 60 south in about two days time…… weather permitting.

Rgds: John B.


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