27th November 2008

The Antarctic Chieftain is:

  • 62.8m long
  • She weighs 1136 metric ton.
  • Can hold 615,000ltrs of winter grade diesel fuel.
  • Her top speed is 13kts but her most economic cruising speed 9.8kts.

Today the crew are making up fishing gear and generally getting the ship ready for Antarctic working conditions. At noon we had a ship muster with our 4 new crew members trying on their survival suits for the first time. By the time we reach the ice edge everyone will have been fully trained in survival techniques in freezing conditions. The rest of the crew were organized into fire fighting and emergency response teams.

Weather conditions for traveling are great, W-SW 15-25kts, mod sea.
We are hoping that within the next few days, if the sky is clear, we’ll start seeing signs of the southern lights as we head deeper into the Southern Ocean.

Rgds: John B.

Pearau & Adam making up fishing gear

Pearau & Adam making up fishing gear


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2 Responses to “27th November 2008”

  1. Jane Says:

    Hi John and the crew! Glad to see you made it out of port and am looking forward to hearing more about the trip. How long will you be at sea for and how much food do you need to get on board for such a trip?

  2. Tangi Says:

    Hi Jane
    Thank you for your question, We expect to be at sea for up to 120+ days or so, But we all hope to be home before that depending on catch rates.
    As for food, we eat very well onboard the vessel, Mike our cook is a great cook, I for one eat better out here than I do at home:)
    I maybe wrong but I think it costs around $50,000 for the food for the trip

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