25th November 2008 – 12:00hrs

Antarctic Chieftain sailed from port Nelson bound for Antarctica and CCAMLR  ( The Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources ) waters.

We had a slight delay while waiting for some paper work to arrive but eventually got underway after dropping our harbour pilot off and making a course to round Stephens Island and head through Cook Straight.

ETA into CCAMLR waters 29th Nov, weather permitting. 

Total crew for the trip;
John Bennett – Skipper
Tangi – 1st Mate
Pete – Chief Engineer
Karl – 2nd Engineer
Mathew – 2nd Mate
Steve – Factory Manager
Mike – Cook
Renata – Boson
Theodore – Leading hand
Paerau – Leading hand
Christopher – Deck hand
Shand – Deck hand
Nicholas – Deck hand
Noel – Deck hand
Chevy – Deck hand
Aaron – Deck hand
Joshua – Deck hand
Adam – Deck hand
Kahu – Deck hand
Noelan – Deck hand
Marli – MAF fisheries observer
Peter – CCAMLR observer.

Weather conditions, Nly 25 – 30kts on the port shoulder, mod sea, easy going at 10kts. Boat muster and fire drill are scheduled for 18:00hrs.

Rgds: John B.


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